Self Forgiveness and Choosing Again

Whether it be a yard full of weeds, a body in poor health due to repetitive bad choices, finances in dismay - The time for intense change is when we've reached that driving point of SOMETHING NEEDS TO CHANGE.

According to the cosmos, July 2019 is a month for deep shifts and transformation. The heaviness of what no longer serves us is ready to be transformed. But how do we shift the patterns that we have been repeating for so many years? It starts with awareness that something is out of alignment, next comes self forgiveness for mistakes made in the past, followed by a commitment and burning desire to make a change.

I love this phrase for when we have found ourselves in a form of self sabotage.. when we have messed up or have gotten off our path and feel like we will never change.

"In every day, in every moment regardless of how far we have strayed - Right here, right now we have the power to choose again."

Change comes from deliberate choices that serve the Soul. The power lies in these choices. The time lies in the present moment. Torturing ourselves and replaying our mistakes in our minds will do the opposite it will add more power to the destructive habits and patterns. Choose to feel lighter.

So when we catch our inner dialogue saying things like, "I will never change, this is who I am, I'm lazy, I'm not enough, I always make poor choices, I have settled." Snap and shift into the opposite of that. Do something RIGHT NOW that turns the compass in a new direction. (Even the smallest bit of action will shift the energetic scales.)

Noticing the labels we have given ourselves can be really eye opening. I've always said, "I'm creative and free spirited and I am a procrastinator, I give up when things get hard." Yes, this is true because it has been what I have been telling myself my whole life. Recently I have chosen to shift these words that I say to myself because I've realized that being a procrastinator is robbing me of time. (our most precious gift.) I've noticed that by changing that dialogue into expansive words like "ease, flow, on top of it" I actually am good at the stuff that I thought I could not do.

We have picked all of this stuff up in our subconscious minds, We have the power to rewrite the story. Awareness is the first step. Our mistakes teach us lessons. They are valuable if we have the ability to release ourselves from the guilt and burden of the choices and decisions we have made in our past.

Who do you want to be? Today is the day. Snap, shift, rewrite your story.

"Be like a tree and let the dead leaves drop" -RUMI

"There is a formula for forgiveness. Help me mix it and drink it, first bringing the cup to my own lips, to loosen and wash away what I've held against myself." - Danielle Laporte

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Stephanie Johnston