Frequently Asked Questions


Q- What do I wear?

A- Whatever makes YOU feel comfortable! Yoga pants and sweaters are a favourite. I send an email with everything you need to know to ease all of your worries!

Q- I am an introvert and don’t want to talk about my feelings. Would this be uncomfortable for me?

A-This day is designed for personal reflection and no sharing is required. Everything is designed with comfort being the top priority. No sharing required and you go as deep as you want to go. This day is for you, period.

Q-I’ve never practiced Yoga before. Would this still be suitable for me?

A-ABSOLUTELY. Our Yoga teachers offer a beautiful and gentle Yin practice that is SO nurturing for everyone, regardless of your experience.

Q-I don’t really know very much about self development... would I feel out of place?

A- We attract women of all levels. This experience is MAGICAL for every woman regardless of where you are on your journey. If you are feeling the pull or curiosity, this is for you.

Q-I’m from out of town, is there anywhere to spend the night if need be?

A- YES! There are beautiful log cabin style condos with kitchenettes located on the property with very affordable rates.

Q- I am curious to try this experience, but I don’t have anyone to go with me . Do you ever have solos join in on this ?

A- Many times we have this happen and it is SO awesome to see. It’s up to us to create the life experiences we want. Say yes to what your soul is craving. You will feel welcome and comfortable, promise!

Q-What is the age demographic for this retreat?

A- EVERY WOMAN needs this.